The Flag Place USA Duratex/Hercules Flag 5x8-Imperfect 2nds

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Hercules™ is a unique high-tech polyester fabric specially manufactured by The Flag Place, Inc. Flags made of Hercules™ material combine brilliant colors and flying qualities of nylon with the rugged durability of traditional polyester. Combining longer life, brilliant colors and the ability to fly in a slight breeze, Hercules™ Polyester is on the forefront of flag fabrics. Hercules™ polyester also has a special coating to make it even more resistant to the effects of air pollution. Flag dealers love the Hercules™ flags once they have tested one and their customers ask for it by name!

Customers will not have to make a choice between the looks of nylon and durability of polyester. With over 10 years of proven performance, our dealers/customers have made Hercules™ Polyester the brand of choice in the flag industry.

5 Advantages of Flying Hercules™ Polyester Flags:


New dyeing technology means Hercules remains bright and beautiful longer than other polyester flags. Superior Light Fastness and Wet-Fastness protects from UV ray deterioration and bleeding of the colors.


Hercules' unique design allows the flag to fly in a lighter breeze than other polyester flags.


Hercules™ has proven itself to be one of the longest lasting flag fabrics on the market.

  1. VALUE

With added life, exceptional appearance, and minimal cost, Hercules™ polyester is the best dollar for dollar flag in the industry.


***Please note that the “Duratex/Hercules 2nds” flags are sold AS IS and may have minor manufacturer's defects in stitching, color consistency, or may be prone to bleeding of colors; US flag manufacturers are unable to obtain 1st quality material due to the impact of COVID-19, causing worldwide shortages . We have lowered the pricing on all “Duratex/Hercules 2nds” flags due to these possible imperfections*****

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